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Hi So the future does not look that good for gaming.It seems everything goes in the direction of streaming, where you have to pay to play games what sucks, even if the subscription payment is not that high.I hope the option to buy games will be still around.What do you guys think?Lg
im not signing up to streaming services to play games they can get lost
More computer hardware tied to online accounts and intrusion on peoples PC.
Nvidia gfx cards,razer mice,steam controller and other VR want to go online to work fully at the moment.
yup, no streaming for me. id rather not game than stream games.

thankfully, i have several other hobbies i can spend money on. and thankfully gog is still doing the drm-free thing.

the big name titles from big publishers, particularly newer ones, i don't care about.
I don't mind being spied on, but my internet is shit and my bandwidth even worse.

In fact, I'll let anyone who wants to put cameras on me 24/7 in exchange for unlimited bandwidth.
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Take good care of your favourite DRM-Free installers and discs, for this is your gaming future.
Thinking the same. New players not only don't mind such systems, but also ASK for it ("where is my clicking achievement notification, my game feels pointless", "where is my client, this whole click-on-a-shortcut thing is confusing", etc). So, no way back. Videogaming has been facebooked, and that's it. We gog-ers look more and more like a bunch of freak survivalists, preparing for some weird internet blackout apocalypse, in the eyes of those for whom network connection is akin to oxygen ("why would we ever be or want to be without that ?").

No big deal. Let's shrug and do our own thing the way we prefer it, as long as gog offers us the freedom to.
I think the market for people who don't want it is big enough, so I'm not too worried. That, and my backlog atm is large enough to probably last me for a lifetime in any case :P
Digital only, increased focus on monetization as production costs grow and spike. Most probably the closure of storefronts that failed/refuse to adapt and most likely a further blur between console ideals and pc gaming
It really depends which comes first but there is a major push for cloud based streaming and it seems to be the large publishers wet dream, full control and free to do all kinds of shitty practices. ofc the PC's going to be streaming devices only if enough fools move over.

If that for some reason never takes off then we will see gaming move on to ARM based devices because that's where the tech is moving towards which i'm not happy about because Apple is the worst.
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Vythonaut: Take good care of your favourite DRM-Free installers and discs, for this is your gaming future.
^ This is why I care about DRM-Free gaming too. Streaming & "rentals" may mess up future games, and digital stores & services may come and go, but once you've got your DRM-Free installers backed up, there isn't anything they can do to touch your pre-existing collection.
I think streaming has its uses, like the PS Now service that allows you to play Playstation exclusives on PC, without the requirement to buy a console yourself (I'm currently testing it for free). But I wouldn't be interested in streaming all my future PC games instead of buying them.
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Streaming has advantages. If I don't have to have a $1200 USD pc in order to play new AAA games, but instead need a fast broadband service, that for me is a good trade.

It is not a good trade for TinyE who lives in Siberia.

So, the FUTURE OF GAMING is not that everything will go streaming, but that streaming will become a viable and popular service in places where good broadband exists.

GOG is also profitable, so THE FUTURE OF GAMING looks like it will also include a niche market for DRM-free games and for old games updated to run on new operating systems.

THE FUTURE OF GAMING looks like it will include always-online games from UbiSoft as well.

THE FUTURE OF GAMING looks like it will also include more Spiderweb games, very cool inexpensive indie puzzle games like Recursed, lots of MOBAs and battle royales, mmorpgs, shitty shovelware, innovative games like Undertale, brand new genres like Stardew Valley, spiritual successors funded on kickstarter and made by skilled devs who loved the original gamess like Xenonauts 2, successful indie studios who continue to innovate and delight with every new ip like Klei, etc.

THE FUTURE OF GAMING looks like it will continue to have a higher number of great games released every year alongside an ever larger mountain of trash.

THE FUTURE OF GAMING looks like less and less of a monopoly for Steam and more and more competition between the big players and also more opportunity for the smaller players.

THE FUTURE OF GAMING looks pretty damn good to me.

It's the newer generation the streaming industry wants, and they usually don't have the capacity to understand what it means to vote with their wallet.

I expect streaming to be more common, less hobby electronics/pc-building and tinkering, and even Norway, that has been one of the last few countries to try to provide fast fiber net for most of our fellow comrades, has gone above and beyond to rectify this, but personally I would be very sceptical to what I sign on to.

When we sign on a contract for fiber the contract is pretty vague on what "unwanted and illegal traffic" is/are, but then again who doesn’t want fast internett?

I just hope the private industry doesn't get free roam to push people into corners. Killing net-neutrality and a conservative internet is making the future somewhat bleak, both art like games and internet especially :


I'm just glad that net-neutrality still means something in Norway so my ISP can't shrink my bandwidth just because I don't play Battlefield 8 Online and would rather play TESVIII Online :)

And tinyE - I would PAY a service to not see you constantly argue with your mom. At the same time - seeing you feeding banana to your donkeys might be worth it all vs nothing at all :P
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