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Well... we have funny pic thread.
Whatever you Like: Da Obama version
meh, there's a dang good reason a president can only serve two terms. Song seems to ignore that.
A Left 4 Dead one thats making an entirely new scene out of ingame dialogue, a rather pervered scene
McCain 'PSA'
Obligatory Charlie the Unicorn clip
And the second one
What is wrong with the 1980s? This!
Head On! skit
Food court musical
That orta keep you going for a bit.
Ultimate Showdown
Creation Science 101
I forgot about Roy Zimmerman. Be sure to check out his other work afterwards as well.
Food Court Musical is so plain epic. thx a lot
news about a new thing called internet.
Yah, Improv Everywhere are great.
Internet. Even at the start we did not use "THE Internet". And sometimes, no capitals for our internet. lol internet.
Have you tried to turn it off and on again? Medieval style.
The Most Handsome Man in the World

H.P. Papercraft
Probably not as funny as the others, but still good if you like L4D
not really funny but.
People jump with wingsuit from cliffs in Norway. Simply amazing. (klipp contains a streetfigher parody thats better than the whole streetfighter movie.
or now this is a good song, unlike that Rickroll bull, this one needs to be spread word about, its made by some of Japan's best known comedians, this performance have even been on amerikan tv, some show kalled Kimmel show or like that..
This only really funny to Germans (and of course, Swiss): "My mobile". A Swiss rap song about mobilephones :)
Part of it is currently my ringtone :)