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Over 55 of your most-wishlisted games on sale for up to 90% off

REMINDER: There are still a few days left so come and get your love! Whether it's in the form of immersive roleplaying, whimsical brain-teasing, or blood-pumping action, these games will help you express all kinds!

Is this love that you're feeling? It certainly is: our <span class="bold">From Wishlists, With Love</span> sale kicks off today, with 55+ of the most-wishlisted games ever up to 90% off for 6 whole days!

So what is it that gamers wish for the most? How do you quantify love and desire?
We think our crack team of back-end devs and mathletes now hold the formula: a factor of's fondness for gamers, and gamers' love for our games. Plus a healthy dash of happy thoughts. It's all very scientific and accurate, you see. Best not to ask many questions.

Without further ado we now reveal the secret! From Wishlists, With Love, the most-coveted deals ever on, featuring: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of The Year Edition (-50%), Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (-75%), Psychonauts (-90%), as well as Darkest Dungeon (-50%) – and so many, many more.

So fill your heart with love and visit your happy place: The most-wishlisted-games-ever on are up to 90% off in the <span class="bold">From Wishlists, With Love</span> sale. It's time to finally go get' em!
The sale will last until February 20, 17:00 UTC.
hyperagathon: A giant hug of submission, forcing me to yield and finally buy Age of Decadence. If it goes on a better discount before the next year, rest assured I shall complain about it in at least one post. Oh yes. Well, if I can find the time.
I bought the game paying twice more during one of last year's sales. I knew that I won't be able to play it right away (I've played the demo and it seems that the game demands more time and concentration I can afford now), but I've done that on purpose. I just wanted to support Iron Tower Studio - guys who AFAIK created one of the most complex and enjoyable cRPGs ever.

I believe it's nice to remember that the price we pay here is not just for beloved GOG, but also for people who need that money to create games we love to play (:
vicklemos: Zero discounts for me.
TIL I'm a snowflake.
triplett: Yep. Not much from my eclectic wishlist either. FU, GOG! (Just jesting).
We're the -1% from the "el universo paralelo", eh? ;P
Huh did not expect to get a free game just out of nowhere, thanks GOG! ♥
vicklemos: Zero discounts for me.
TIL I'm a snowflake.
triplett: Yep. Not much from my eclectic wishlist either. FU, GOG! (Just jesting).
ps: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Got moi curious ;P
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I was just thinking, I contributed to inaccuracy, and I wonder how many others did too. During previous sales that required you to put games on your wishlist, I just threw a bunch of random titles on and forgot about it.
avatar [...] Best not to ask many questions. [...]
I can certainly see why you say this - only 20 of the games partaking in this sale have been released here before 2014, yet it's a sale consisting of 55+ of the most-wishlisted games ever.
Do the more expensive Pillars of Eternity versions contain anything not to be missed? I'm not usually interested in things like soundtracks, developer diaries, or fancy maps, even though I understand the appeal.

Any idea why the Pillars expansion isn't tagged as DLC in GOG's system? It requires the base game.
blotunga: Of course still no upgrade option for Pillars and Tyranny. And of course preordered games still don't show up as owned :/
It's, sadly, the naked truth. I'm one of the affected, in my case with both games. Will it be resolved for the release of Pillars 2?. Or, perhaps, will we have three cases?
Why didn't the Pillars DLC go on sale? Why are all editions of Pillars and Tyranny on sale but not the deluxe edition of Wasteland 2? Would like to buy the deluxe edition since there's no upgrade path if you buy the regular version.
Still no upgrade option for PoE. :(
I wonder how many bothered to directly contact Paradox instead of just complaining on GOG's forum?... To those that would claim to the effect that it's GOG's job in an attempt to divest oneself of personal responsibility, how well has that worked thus far?...
six-: Huh did not expect to get a free game just out of nowhere, thanks GOG! ♥
Come again?
Lemon_Curry: Come again?
Gog is apparently giving free games to random people concurrently with this sale and giveaways they hold on others sites - there's a thread about this on the forum too...
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Man, thx a lot for this promotion...
avatar It's like a giant hug
Now I would have expected or [url=]THAT in the sale :)