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The Spirit of Europe - Origins is a free edutainment jRPG independent game, developed in Unreal Engine 4. Embody a fragment of the mythical Europa and travel through history from the ancient times to the Renaissance, through the realm of thoughts and emotions, where spirits fight for supremacy over human consciousness. Experience a humanistic metaphor of historical events as we know them, possess over a hundred characters, drive their actions and witness their consequences in pivotal events of Europe’s past.

Peace as a key global value will be pursued through the centuries, suggesting its benefits to the player.

Special note:
In order to gain access to the game, you will need to register & complete our initial assessment, consisting of a few history-based questions that can be found on the game’s website: The steps are described here:

Gameplay Trailer

● Free;
● Historically accurate educational content;
● Two realms: the spirit realm and the material one;
● Possession system, allowing you to take control of any NPC;
● Economy and building system used to upgrade and recruit units;
● Disciples II-inspired, tactical, turn-based combat;
● A deeply philosophical, fictional story-line involving gods, virtues, vices, concepts and thoughts, manifested as spirits;
● Over 15 hours of gameplay;
● 58 combat units with over 50 unique abilities;
● Over 240 NPCs to interact with, from ancient Greece to the 12th century European Renaissance;
● 13 unique maps offering over 20 quests;
● Possess & explore the world with over 240 characters, from mere commoners to great figures of European history.

Experience history with a twist: The perspectives of Gods, personalized virtues and vices are different from those of mere mortals in the spirit world we’ve built inspired by archetypal stories, western philosophy and core principles which the modern western society is built on: peace, democracy, rule of law, freedom, tolerance, pluralism - and we’ll let you discover the rest.

Discover the forging of Europe & the birth of the western ethos: Possess any mortal, be it a mere commoner or a great figure of history. Drive their actions and learn about their way of life, beliefs, fears and hopes, aspirations and ambition - and you may be surprised at what you uncover.

Assemble your troops & manage your resources: Gain influence with the living and inspire them to build the great edifices we know today. Gather the souls of defeated vices and use them to summon allies from among those fallen throughout the ages. Augment them with godly essences for they will be your shield against the forces that seek your undoing - and you will witness how the bitterest foes can become allies.

By your hand shall history be made: Be the invisible hand that forges Europe’s history as we know it: from the ancient times of Classical Greece, throughout the glory of the Roman Empire, the tumult of its fall, the chaos that followed and the bonds formed in the Middle Ages. Your journey through Europe will only end once it’s reborn - or will it?

Might be something that could be offered through GoG as well.
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I don't know, sounds like the game has a rather simplistic message with all that stuff about the "western ethos". History is a lot more complicated.
Doubtful anything historical can truly be accurate to reality, but looks fun nonetheless.

After further evaluation (just finished the first "initial assessment" part of the quite challenging quiz [got 18 ouf of 20] you're supposedly required to take to be granted access to the game, when you can download it from the page just as well?) you actually may want to proceed with caution.

Being officially supported and vouched for by the EU's Erasmus funding programme is fine and dandy but if the game is what looks like "phoning home" in order to progress within the game (not unlike a certain other title) that's something that needs to be pointed out, I think.

At least make sure to use a disposable e-mail address when registering on the Spirit of Europe - Origins website.
Game doesn't appear to be developed by, or in Japan.
I know everyone isn't on up ons the lexicology of gaming terms, but this probably wasn't the term you or they meant to invoke.



Game doesn't appear to be developed by, or in Japan.
Darvond: I know everyone isn't on up ons the lexicology of gaming terms, but this probably wasn't the term you or they meant to invoke.
Eh JRPG has became in the last 7 or so years a meaning for any game inspired by and built like what many has came to know as eastern RPGs in otherwords the term JRPG is just a genre now and much like ''RPG'' that has gotten slapped on nearly everything with anything resembling even remotely afew RPG mechanics so has the JRPG term for things even remotely resembling a traditionally JRPG ..Its the same with the term anime is getting slapped on anything remotely eastern animation like .. the term manga gets it too..

I am against diluting terms yes but I find it odd you took issue with the term usage rather then other aspects related to this game but each to their own I suppose


...pick one, lol.
Swedrami: Special note:
In order to gain access to the game, you will need to register & complete our initial assessment,
Shady crap like that means it's not actually free.

And contrary to what the OP suggests, it better not be coming to GOG if it's gonna keep that shady crap in it, or else GOG is going to have another huge debacle on their hands.
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