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Anyone else feel as though the options in regards to forum access are kind of limited? Don't get me wrong, I love GOG and have found so much great info on games with the forums. I'm just thinking out loud, being a whiner I guess lol. But, I feel like there should be more user specific options on the main Forum/Community page.

You can't access 'My Posts' or 'My Questions' from the main page, which I think would be very useful. (Also My Settings and Help aren't visible either)

When you do click on 'My Posts' (which is only visible from the forum listings sections) it only goes back one week.

Easier access to create multiple replies at once would be nice to have too. As of now, I either have to quote, then copy and quote a second user's reply, then paste the previous quote and type my replies in between.
I think I've done it another way by quoting someone, posting that reply, then quoting another person and it gets sent to my previous post (if no one has replied before I hit the send button)

Like I said, just generally complaining. I'm not necessarily unhappy with the way the forums work or the forums in general, just providing constructive criticism. I'd like to add that I'm thoroughly enjoying GOG's forums. They're the 2nd most frequent forum I visit :)
Forum priority has never been a priority for GOG, because who cares about the only communication device available in one's site right?

Besides, I shudder to think how many things would need to be broken in order to add the functionalities you mention.