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Merry Christmas!
Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas to all!

I'm here briefly because I decided to check what some other website is giving away today in case it turned out to be something good, which turned out to be The Outer Worlds. I've been super curious about this game because the main developer guy behind it is color-blind (which I am also), but first person games are hit or miss so I never bought it.

My cat is watching Harry Potter at the moment.
Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates it! I hope everyone found something super nice under their Christmas tree/stockings or wherever you tend to find awesome presents this time of year :)

I wish you a great next year filled with joy and love!
A Happy and Blessed New Year to everyone, and to those who don't celebrate Christmas until the 6th, Merry Christmas!!
Happy New Year, scumbags!
Bump please?
A belated Happy New Year to all the GOG Community mafiosi!

I wish you all a glorious 2024, filled with the warmth of lying during the Days and the joy of sneakily killing off everyone not in your camp during the Nights.
Happy belated new years everyone! It seems I fall off the face of the earth from here whenever I take a break.
@joppo check your DMs.


Guys, please pray for Larry, one of my dad's best friends, and a leader in my church. He's been in and out of the hospital for about a month with dizzyness, double-vision, nausea, etc. earlier this week, they found lesions on his brain.

Larry's biopsy came back today as lymphoma in or on the brain. They are starting treatment *tonight*

I'm guessing this is about as bad of a diagnosis as it could be; he's already gone a month without treatment, and life expectancy can be as low as 1.5 months without treatment. With treatment, depending on type, he might live 2.2 months to 10 years.
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Microfish_1: @joppo check your DMs.
I'm reading it now.

What a terrifying situation. May God have mercy on Larry.
Guess what time of year it is



I went last year so I'm ineligible this year, so you can't stick me with it.



Signup doc:


It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and there's no penalty for trying something new. I hope we can send a rep this year.

Who's up for it?
bruh what happened to my links
Nope. Unfortunately I don't have the time to participate.
I have no time for it either.
Also Not It.

Not sure what happened to your links, either. Let me try.