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It is the year of 1931. In all major cities of the US a gang war rages on. The prohibition has done nothing to decrease the alcohol trade, only now the booze is tainted with blood (that's what you call a Bloody Mary, I guess). Now you all have been locked in to find a solution to this mess. You will only be released from this closed conference after you have agreed on a solution.
The main options are: 1. End Prohibition, 2. Strenghten the Buerau of Investigation, 3. Call in the National Guard and declare martial law, 4. Legalize alcohol trade for only one trusted, government controlled organization, who sees to the responsible and limited distribution of alcohol.

However, the fourth option was called out by the conference chairman, Quadralien, as an obvious ploy by the Mafia to become that 'trusted' organization, thereby ensuring a monopoly under the protection of corrupt politicians. Therefore, he has advised the entire council that anyone voting for that option has surely been corrupted by the Mob. And he seems to have been right too – because right after banning that option from the voting list, he has been found murdered in his room. Now here you are, without a chairman. You still have to find a solution. But first you'll have to find those murderous bastards among you, who are in the pockets of the Mob and eliminate them. Only then can you come to a peaceful solution.

************************************************************************************************************** **


1. Don't quote your PM and don't start any 'guess what my PM contains' contests. Also, don't paraphrase your PM too closely. If you are not sure if something you want to write is too close to your PM, it is. In doubt ask me via PM before writing.

2. Betting among players is strictly forbidden.

3. I, Lifthrasil, am the Moderator of this game! My word is law. But feel free to contact me by the GOG forum PM system at any time! I will answer as soon as I can.

4. All players have a vote, which they may use against any player. A vote may be withdrawn by unvoting. Once a player acquires more than 50% of the votes, the player will be lynched and the game will proceed to the next Night. No amount of unvoting can prevent this. At Night no posting is allowed in the thread.

5. A player may also vote nolynch. A majority of nolynch votes will end the day without a proper lynch.

6. Please remember to bold your votes and unvotes like this: Unvote JoeSapphire, Vote SirPrimalform.

7. When you are dead, you are dead - stop posting. A single "bah!” post is permitted and encouraged right after your death. Your death notification will include a link to the “Dead Thread” (i.e. the observation lounge) where you may continue to spectate and postulate in a relatively spoiler free environment.

8. Don't edit your posts! This is very important! Editing a post is proof of an attempt at undermining the democratic process of this conference and you will be evicted (i.e. you will be modkilled).

Due to the forum software I must also ask you not to double post. This is because two consecutive posts from the same user in a short time frame will merge, creating the appearance of an edited post. The time limit after which this stops happening is 10 minutes. Accidents happen, but repeated double-posting/edited posts will anger The Mod. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

9. If you wish to ask me a question in game, please bold your text or PM me.

10. Do not discuss the game with anyone outside the thread, except for people specified in your role PM, and then only at such times as the PM specifies.

11. All players should post at least once every second day. If you expect to be away for two days or more, please let me know either through PM or in the game thread. Failure to do this will result in me sending you a warning, which will make you more killable. If that doesn't cause a reaction in another 2 days, you will be replaced or modkilled.

12. If you can no longer participate in the game, let me know and I will and try to find a replacement.

13. All players in the winning team win, assuming any other win conditions have also been satisfied. Anyone who is modkilled loses, no matter what team he was on.

14. Please remember it’s just a game. Be polite and remain calm. Anyone not being polite is just trying to get YOU to make a mistake so they can lynch you. Don’t fall into the trap. Politely lynch them or night kill them for their rudeness.

Tl;dr version: be nice, post regularly but don't double post!

List of Players:

1. JMich - dead - nightkilled on Night 1
2. flubbucket
3. trentonlf - dead - Lynched on Day 4 - was Bartholomew Sanders, Town Vanilla
4. drealmer7
5. Leonard03 - dead - Lynched on Day 3 - was Luca Bertossi, Mafia Jailer
6. Krypsyn - dead - Nightkilled on Night 4 - was Estefano Waters, Mafia Jailer
7. yogsloth - dead - Nightkilled on Night 3 - was Adriano Cepano, Mafia Jailer
8. cristigale
9. dedoporno
10. P1na - dead - Lynched on Day 1 - was Jakob Torelli, Mafia Thug
11. adaliabooks - dead - Lynched on Day 2 - was Robert Johnson, Town Vanilla
12. bler144 - dead - Lynched on Day 5 - was Cesare Peppone, Mafia Ninja Janitor
13. Bookwyrm
14. HypersomniacLive - dead - nightkilled on Night 2
15. Ixamyakxim
16. HijacK

Generic Town PM:
You are town. Your aim is to bring this conference to a peaceful, democratic end. You win when all threats to town are eliminated.

Your Role:
You are Vanilla. Your power is to die for your team.
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Only important people like the moderators can post yet :P
Alright. Go! You can post now.

As stated: Quadralien was found dead. He was: Town Chairman, his powers were: dying for the plot.

It is now Day 1

That makes me cooler than you.
Yog's will be sad for not posting first
yogsloth: BRICKED
I thought I had you this time, you must have been refreshing like crazy LOL
I've looked at my PM.

I am not Bull (Town Bailiff)
Vote adaliabooks

I hear that guy's, like, always scummy.
Krypsyn: I've looked at my PM.

I am not Bull (Town Bailiff)
Maybe when I mod a game I will have a character named Bull (Town Bailiff) that can only post in youtube videos LOL
So, just because someone has to do it, daykill P1na. Doubt it will work though...
Ok, so let's jump right into PMs - who has the highest INT?

Vote Hijack. Because I said before the game I would.
bler144: Ok, so let's jump right into PMs - who has the highest INT?

Vote Hijack. Because I said before the game I would.
It's clearly me. My international stat is sky high.
bler144: Ok, so let's jump right into PMs - who has the highest INT?
I have 20, and 21 at Night. Wait.. you asked about SNK skill right?
Krypsyn: I have 20, and 21 at Night. Wait.. you asked about SNK skill right?
Are you playing snooker again