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Madshaker: hi i been noticing for a short while now when i log into account here im seeing google traffic every click here

is this gog doing this or am i under some kinda tracker,,,

as soon as i get to gog's main page i see first connection to and then google manager and then ever time i click to go anywhere here i see traffic from 3 google sites in the traffic,,

was wondering whats going on also facebook seems to be hitng me here now too....

also i hope this galaxy client isnt going to be forced on us i came here to get away from steam and orion clients and thought my games here would never need a client to use them,,

this was only website i ever trusted to buy games hope they are not going to do what forums talking about be sad day ,, been fan of gog and witcher games because of their stance to non drm and caring about us having right to own games no strings attached ,,,,

if im wrong i be happy but all this chat in forums and seeing the google traffic has me worried .......
You can block google tracking (it's useful for statistics analysis for us) in your browser, and we're detecting that and respecting it.

I think that if you block and maybe - it will not send your actions to analytics.

edit: Another thing is re-captcha, that might be needed for logging in or redeeming games.
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OlivawR: I think they change the people dealing with the website quite often, because the changes seem quite erratic to the websie/forum. For example all it gets from google.apis is a css file for the Open Sans fonts, but the fonts needed for the website are pulled from gog. The font used by the website is Lato (one month ago was changed to Open Sans), but for some reason they renamed it to Lato GOG Latin.
From what I can see the font was switched with a class on html element.
Google-hosted Open Sans is not being loaded now.