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Game is still here, but the soundtrack is gone.
blotunga: I don't like platformers anyway.
The most overrated game genre there is.
jcoa: Game is still here, but the soundtrack is gone.
Can you elaborate on that? Was the Fez soundtrack ever on sale on GOG?
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Did someone throw their toys out of the pram again well i wont be loosing any sleep over it lets hope GOG doesn't either.
The game is officially gone. The soundtrack was never here - in fact it was in a few GoGmixes because of the missing soundtrack.
Good riddance to that pretentious piece of garbage.
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high rated
I thought Fish left internet/game dev to never even squeak again.
So why is he doing this now? Trying to remind people about himself by stirring another crappy controversy?
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Fairfox: still waitin' why gamie is pretentious, ultra_dta

i can wait
o, i can wait

wait wait wait
The game itself is not that pretentious, but holy hell the dev was turbo pretentious, going insane on twitter about the smallest things anyone tweeted to him/about him. In the end he made a scene and told everyone that he is leaving internet and game making. Most stuff he wrote was cringy pretentious junk.
Darvond: Well, sucks that it's leaving on my birthday of all days.

Happy Birthday!
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Fairfox: ^^ (edz: to asferot. got ninja'd by ot)
teh dev was deffo polarizin'! x
he seemed liek translucent skin which is trump-esque in lmao

but i was talkin' gamie
which as gamie seems complete lee fine? perhaps peeps think it overrated, i dont kno, buuut yah imma strugglin' to understabd ultra_dtas pov. unless it was bs obvs :S
The game was/is overrated. For some weird reason many reviewers made it sound like the game is best thing after sliced bread, when in reality it is just another platformer with a little gimmick/twist. To be honest it was weird seeing all those stellar reviews when in reality the game was not really that stellar.
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Matewis: Happy Birthday!
Heh, thanks.