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Today, after trying two separate games (Might & Magic 6 and Heroes of M&M 3, I discovered that all of a sudden the enter key on my keyboard does not work in game. Outside of the games it works just fine. But I can't use the key to skip past the intros or any other use the enter key has in these games.

This has never happened before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Well, it's working on some games. I don't understand why it's not working on these two. HoM&M3 is a new installation as of today, too. And M&M6 was working just fine a week or so ago.
Has your computer recently updated your drivers?
Not to my knowledge. I did just run a registry cleaner yesterday, however.
Have you tried saying "mellon"?
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Breja: Have you tried saying "mellon"?
Hah. Nerd. >.>

[url= Oh, meant to leave this here: ][/url]
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Elrood: Not to my knowledge. I did just run a registry cleaner yesterday, however.
Maybe try reinstalling the games and see if that fixes anything, though I doubt it.
Unfortunately, that doesn't help. I even bought a new keyboard today from a different manufacturer with different drivers, and that still doesn't help.

All of a sudden, on 2 of my games, the Enter key doesn't work when for years and years it has. Heroes of Might & Magic III is basically unplayable because there is now no way for me to skip the intro scenes.


I just installed Might & Magic VII, and the Enter key is also not working there. Guess I'll try installing Heroes and see what happens. I don't understand why it is working fine on some/most of my games, but not others.


Enter key seems to be working for Heroes 4...

Any other ideas?
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Elrood: Any other ideas?
I have a really, really stupid one (the kind that only someone with negative technical knowledge about anything can have). Install Joy to Key, set any button on any controller to work as "Enter", try pressing that in one of the afflicted games and see if anything happens.
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