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shantae.: Sorry, but can you show me a post from the thread creator that said you can't use screenshots to draw the challenges (it's what I did, believe it or not)? I didn't attach screenshots, so posting in the 'What is this game' wouldn't be correct.
Uhm ok, but then your image looks like a pixel for pixel recreation (in greyscale) of one of the characters in the game. I'm sure you understand why I would doubt someone drew that when a cut&paste into gimp + color change creates the same result. Either way that's not the idea here. But perhaps that's just me :P Regardless it's all over and now it's the next person's turn.
shantae.: This game is available here, for less than 10 dollars.
F4LL0UT: Retro City Rampage?

Never played the game but I think I recognise the guy from the game's cover. Quite memorable, since it seems to be a parody of Doc Brown from Back to the Future.
PING! It's your turn!