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Wild card bump. Whoever draws a game and posts gets to carry on the game.
Talin_Warhaft: Wild card bump. Whoever draws a game and posts gets to carry on the game.
Take it and draw another game. This way you'll not only redeem yourself but also ressurrect the thread althogether.
Post edited September 04, 2023 by Cadaver747
True. It's up to me. This time I actually tried on the drawing.
untitled.png (176 Kb)
I have no idea what the game is but for the sake of engagement™ I'll try my best.

If it's not "Alien Returns on a Stark Trek Ship modified by Dr. Who", maybe Legacy of Kain?
It does look like Legacy of Kain. As to which one, the swirly green thing suggests it's Soul Reaver 2, but hard to say.
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It is one of the Legacy of Kain games, but not Soul Reaver 2.
Hello Talin_Warhaft!

It is obviously from the first 3D title in the series: "Soul Reaver" (compare the attached screenshot).

Currently, I am not having the time nor energy to elaborate one of my own (digital) drawings, hence I am giving away a wild card for anyone to grab (of course only if I am assuming the right game that is).

Kind regards,
That is exactly the game brother. I shall take the wild card again and draw another game if no one can draw a game before me.