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CaveSoundMaster: (...) so maybe not really a frontend, but just simply a way to open sound configuration in dosbox with a single click, just like you click a big "play" button in Galaxy to open the game itself.
timppu: (...) Fortunately it seems they are increasingly supporting this. Earlier it used to be quite bad at times, as if GOG even removed the sound setup utilities from some games (e.g. I recall this being the case with Ultima Underworld and Theme Hospital, I haven't checked lately if they have fixed it) (...)
Yes. Many times now they have added a batch file in the Autoexec header of the DOSBox config files with a "menu" made of echo statements to show the options, and the choice command to pass it on, just like the ones I used to make in the "good ol' days" for different things.

Sometimes that menu includes access to the sound settings, which is the case in particular of Ultima Underworld and Theme Hospital (with the latest version).

And now I will be extra picky and say that having to make the choice to run the game by pressing 1 after running the shortcut for the game should not be a necessity. I believe a separate shortcut to run the settings would be more appropriate.

In any case, I'm glad they are making more people aware of the existence of those options by including that batch menu (even at the expense of extra work for the support team like timppu says), and it doesn't affect me personally anyway, because I run all my DOS games and their config programs from a separate frontend.