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I've just tried to get the Eye of Beholder games working to relive my youth but I've also just found that under Windows 10 I don't get any keyboard input in DosBox. It's not limited to any specific game though, I downloaded DosBox on it's own and I can't type in there either.

Anyone else seeing this or am I alone?
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Hmmm... I wonder if there's a configuration you can add, the dosbox doesn't specify it in the conf file so...

Note: Taken from Ultima Trilogy conf file.
# xms: Enable XMS support.
# ems: Enable EMS support.
# umb: Enable UMB support.
# keyboardlayout: Language code of the keyboard layout (or none).

so Keyboard Layout information...

But that's assuming it's not a problem with windows 10. It's entirely possible Dosbox needs an update to be compatible, or windows 10 has bugs so it's not feeding to the SDL correctly on DosBox... either one could be right, i don't know yet... i guess look for bug reports...

edit: Actually found a related post where they recommended a solution from here.
Did you ever get this resolved - I'm afraid I'm a complete idiot when it comes to Config & Command Line files so I need idiot proof workings

Right clicking in the DOSBox game/window (if windowed) does not enable mouse and typing?
I start lion king in dos box. when start menu appears, its like someone pushed right button non stop. and when i start the game, simba moves to right just little bit. so its clear that keyboard and mouse doesn't work properly. how can I fix this problem?