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I'll check them if I earn them and if they seem fun I might go for one but otherwise no I don't particularly care for them.
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It does affect the way I play in some cases. But only for games I really really like and if the achievements are not stupid.

For example I love the new XCOM game and it has some of the best achievements I've seen, with a few stupid in between like "kill x amount of aliens". I only miss the two multiplayer achievements since I stick to single player only.

I liked some of the achievements for the Witcher 3, since it's another game I love. And it's definitely the type of game where I'm interested in achievements. I mean, I have right now 112 hours in the game, in a single playthrough, and a lot more left to do. I'm going so slow because I want to explore/try everything this game has to offer, complete it as close to 100% as possible (I have one failed quest atm). Trying to do the achievements, especially some more challenging ones really appealed to me but then the latest patch broke them and you can't get any more achievements. Pissed me off to no end, especially since I though I completed a few of them, before finding out the system is broken.

And if it's a game I like I try to get the rarest achievements.
I have also noticed and had actually someone tell me that because I didn't earn certain achievements or achievements at all that I didn't really play the game. then they removed me from their friends list, lol. found it kinda funny that because I didn't play a game like they wanted that they thought I didn't play it at all and they were offended.

I just find it kinda funny how this small edition to games has changed the way some of us see them so much.
Achievements are a form of manipulation, to make you do things that you wouldn't otherwise do. Playing games should never be a chore, but some achievements are just that (especially the ones that have you either do things a certain large number of times, or do something specific that you'd rarely ever do naturally in gameplay). I just try to ignore game 'achievements'.