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My lower back decided for me that yes, i am old.
I could write an essay about this, but I'll just comment on what I think are the most relevant parts of feeling "old". I think it has more to do with lack than chronological time. A lack of participation in life, a lack of health, a lack of love, a lack of participation in community, a lack of mission, a lack of accomplishment, a lack of hope. I think all these things make us feel old. If your health is good and you have lots of love and community in your life, you probably don’t feel old.

Another issue is that we idolize youth and the young. When you're 40 years old you may well be grieving that stage of being a young adult in your life is over. But thank goodness it is! I think when you start getting into your 30s and 40s you start realizing how time passes and it's a shock. But you don’t want to get stuck being a 20-something all your life!

You should be much wiser, knowledgeable and experienced now! We shouldn’t idolize youth this way, but at least American pop culture does this. It’s funny- kids want to be adults and adults look back and want to be kids! It’s a privilege to get to old age. What’s the other choice? To have died instead?

The nature of time is strange. Like someone else said, sometimes I think of something being "new" and its been a decade. The thing is, our ancestors have already gone through this, but we all go through this life thing individually and pass through its stages without the benefit of experience. That’s why getting advice about life from older people is very useful. It can prepare you a little bit- although it will still be a new experience for you, not everything will take you by surprise.

I can easily imagine being 80 years old and asking myself- How did the time pass? Perhaps it’s a strange thought- but the time is always "now", yet the chronological time keeps ticking. So it’s strange that I was 18 in the "now" yesteryear, yet in today's "now" I am older, and I only experience one "now" at a time. I can definitely imagine a "now" when I am in my 80s. I just hope I'll be happy with what I have done then.

The only bad part about aging is deteriorating health. But even this can be dramatically slowed through proper exercise and nutrition. But a lot of us don’t keep this up. Children and young adults are healthy not only because of their age, but because they tend to do a lot more exercise than adults. At least, they used to...

I also think feeling old has to do with your spiritual beliefs. If you think your soul is immortal, then none of us are really old. But if you think you got just a century or less and then you’re gone, then that can really cause an existential crisis and make you feel old.

As for me, yes I do feel old sometimes. But I choose not to give in to that feeling. Instead, I take advantage of the experience I have over younger people, I ask older people about their experiences and I look for what’s next for me. I want to reach my 80s, if I am lucky, not feeling old and being happy with what I’ve accomplished. I look forward to Teenagent: The Remastered Holographic 50th Anniversary Edition and hope the holodeck has good compatibility layers.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t made this thread too serious and heady. But I tend to think about this stuff. Happy gaming!
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Yes. But not necessarily in any bad way.
At my new job, there's lots of joking around. Occasionally age-related too. I'm the oldest in my team. Twice the age of the youngest.
One day the thought struck me that some my age might be bothered by something like that, and I realized that I really, totally, am in no way whatsoever bothered by my age.
Which is fortunate, as working in the ever changing field of software-heavy development, there's plenty of opportunity for the odd "when I was your age..." while shaking an imaginary cane.

Sure, I'm not too keen on some of the inevitable, physical side effects of age I'm starting to get hit by, but as long as I can run a half marathon any time I like, I can't really complain.

Ask again when death is just around the corner.

honglath: My lower back decided for me that yes, i am old.
Mine started telling me that in my late teens. That's why I have to keep generally fit and exercise several times every week. Otherwise my back will punish me.
I'm occasionally startled by some people being less mature than me.

So yes, I am now officially old.
Let's face it: You are posting on a forum (which most people consider deprecated tech compared to social media like Facebook or Twitter) on a store dedicated to old games. It doesn't matter whether you feel old, you are old. ;-)

For German speaking people a famous quote on the topic:

Gerne der Zeiten gedenk' ich, da alle Glieder gelenkig - bis auf eins.
Doch die Zeiten sind vorüber, steif geworden alle Glieder - bis auf eins.
Mr.Mumbles: What really makes me feel old are the ever-changing slang terms "kids" use these days. Definitely feel like the guy behind that counter, and I just keep thinking what the hell all that nonsense lingo is about. Speak English, damn it!
As old as vintage wine, though I think someone forgot to leave the cork in cause I think I went sour instead of sweet.
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