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neumi5694: These have been gone for a long time now and put into a collection (not remasters, but console versions with some extras), then into another collection.

Jungle Book is already delisted, a day early :)

I guess Hercules is next.

At least this time they seem to have put the new games into a DLC instead of releasing another another collection.
LachlanThomas: After I posted my comment I look and found the games collection with the 3 games in it. I'm hoping they don't delist Hercules as I've been considering buying that for some time. I remember playing the demo of Hercules on PlayStation years ago. I kind of wish GOG had the PC version of Toy Story.
Yeah, I got it all wrong, didn't really look at what I had in my library already, rushed into utterly false conclusions. It's a Necro post anyway. I forgot that Jungle Book was already part of the first collection and thought they added a DLC to the second one.
Hercules might or might not be moved at some point like The Lion King was. It was never really famous. Good game, but it's hardly considered a classic.

If you own a PS4, you should grab the Disney Afternoon Collection. It contains a good collection of Disney Classics from the early 90s, untouched (no remakes, but of course playable on a PS4). I wished that was available on PC as well.
Edit: Meh, just saw it exists on PC as well, but it'S all wet and steamy.
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