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Each one of us has a different gaming flavor and other titles that we would love to recommend to gamers around the world. Our 13th Anniversary is a perfect opportunity to get to know us better, check our collections created by GOG's team members:

Games recommended by padlinka are a great choice for those who love exploring distant and mysterious worlds.
Games recommended by Bartek will simply blow your mind with immersive stories and brilliant game mechanics.
Games recommended by Maciej consist of both epic RPGs and more contained, atmospheric adventure titles.
Games recommended by Wiktoria are perfect for those who like to hack and shoot their way through myriads of opponents.
Games recommended by Tania will take you to picturesque worlds while at the same time testing your skills and reflexes.
Games recommended by Richard are perfectly tailored for gamers who love mystery, science, and memorable soundtracks.
Games recommended by Vencja take you on a journey across some unforgettable classics from a wide variety of genres.
Games recommended by Falran are a perfect getaway from reality with their rich, fantastic worlds and inspiring narratives.
Games recommended by chandra stand out thanks to their breathtaking stories that will keep you engaged from dusk till dawn.

Take your time and check if any one of these collections please your gaming gusto. If you would like to recommend to us and other fellow gamers some great titles that kept you awake at night, just share them in the comments!
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