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The only games I'm interested in at all right now are Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. If I end up buying any of them at all remains to be seen, but I imagine all of them being quite relaxing and engaging if you put in the time.
tinyE: Not what I want, but what I want:

Typos corrected! :-)
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1. Hmm difficult to say since i'm very impatient and buy the games i want regardless of price usually so there's not much really but there are a few like Mutant Year Zero, Ghost of a Tale but also Darksiders 3 and X4 Foundations but these last two do require hefty discount for me.

2. Pathfinder Kingmaker, yes it's RTwP like Pillars but better and deeper in every way plus much more stable nowadays, Tower of Time is a game i really like with entertaining tactical combat and Ruiner which is a fun cyberpunk top down shooter.

3. Good bundles with good prices ! and FFS avoid pinatas, insomnias like the plague if there are any this year.
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Cavalary: Sticking to cash helps a lot. Just take what you know you can spend when you go out, use prepaid cards for on-line stuff, can't spend what you, well, can't spend. And seeing the physical money helps in itself.
Um, thanks, I guess. I was mostly kidding there. I buy games in spite of having no money because they distract me from my miserable life. I am always fully aware of how much money I have left and am spending. Hopefully, I'll die before I run out of money. "Life sucks and then you die," but not nearly soon enough.
The great thing about having a dying PC and no money to buy a new one is that I no longer care about sales and that saves me a boatload of money. Now I can actually focus on PLAYING some of the games I own - feels good, man.
From the videos Parkitect looks a nice game.
However, does anyone know whether in-ride camera is available in the game?

EDIT: if anyone has not noticed, the weekly sale ends today (30th May), in little more than an hour.
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Sadly terraria is not on sale, neither is Parkitect.

Release of Bioshock Infinite is great indeed.

The bundles look somewhat interesting. However, one bundle that caught my attention was the one with the Mafia games. But the bundle appears to contain only the base edition of the 3rd game, and as there is no upgrade path to the deluxe edition, the bundle doesn't appear that useful to me.
Terraria and Parkitect MIGHT be on sale during one the flash sales?

The GOG news post said NEW games will be added to the sale.