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Winkeltje: The Little Shop is coming soon to GOG.COM!

Build, decorate, and run your own old-world fantasy shop. Buy low, sell high - from nails and apples to swords and alchemic love potions.

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shop owner?... i didn't here you, noice..looking good
little shop of horrors ;-)?... actually this one looks nice and also supports windows 7 - wishlisted for now...
Could be interesting or could be a simple mobile game :(. I'm a bit confused what happens other than building (I read the description but it would be nice to see more gameplay in the trailer).

Also, not limited to this one (but relevent if you watch the trailer), somewhere along the line I mixed up the lyrics of Mr. Cellophane from Chicago and hear, in John Reilly's voice, "You can walk right through me, and not even know I'm there".
Post edited July 17, 2021 by joveian
RIP Recettear.
Thanks! It looks really tedius, needing to restock individual tables through the day just because you are putting a few nails or apples on a flat table rather than making bins. Plus a random delay at the beginning of the day for no obvious reason. Seems too mobile style for me.
For me my gold standard for this "Be a merchant" game is Recettear.

Talking about Recettear, how about Recettear for GOG, GOG?