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Quiet Little Feet studio brings an indie title, Where Birds Go to Sleep, an emotional adventure game in an incredible, painterly artstyle!

Discover a Near East-inspired land while slipping into the subconscious of Cormo, a criminal sent on a mission. You will subtly influence his actions and see its consequences – all while observing what he has slowly become; confront sexuality, prejudice and morality, and put your empathy to the test.

Coming soon on GOG!
Playthrough of the demo with commentary by the developers
I took way too long trying to process "Where Birds Go to Sleep from Quiet Little Feet" as one title. :-/
So what's the meaning behind "a mirage in the water"?
Panaias: So what's the meaning behind "a mirage in the water"?
A mirage seen on a body of water as opposed to a mirage in a desert (or on land in general)?

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Assassins! Assassins! It's an ambush!
Developer here, just chiming in to say we have a playlist of the most interesting excerpts cut together from the livestream, where we discuss designs, lore, development and more, with timestamps for easier navigation of topics:

If you'd like a non-dev commentary playthrough, I recommend Tench Froast's playthrough here:
Panaias: So what's the meaning behind "a mirage in the water"?
The "mirage in the water" (and other hidden messages in some of our Steam announcements and on our Discord server) are part of a puzzle/ARG that we're currently running on our Discord server.
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