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Prepare to swing through the trees, spin sticky webs, and make friends with bugs! Become the adorable spider you've always wanted to be. Webbed is coming soon to GOG.COM.

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Spiderbug! Spiderbug! Does whatever a spiderbug does!
dyscode: but the ?crow? is scary...
I was thinking the bird was quite gentle at the end, considering it could easily just eat the spider well before the trailer ended. I looked a bit and I'm fairly sure it is a cartoonized (they arn't actually that blue; EDIT: or maybe they are? Some look quite blue in an image down the page) version of a metallic starling. That image at the top of the wikipedia article looks just like it other than not being that blue and having red eyes rather than purple. Also, the sound at the end isn't a crow sound but while I couldn't find anything specific to the metallic starling, the wikipedia page on Common Myna that is in the starling family has a very similar sound (at the end of the recording under behavior). Also, while I've never lived around starlings my understanding is that they would likely be the most obvious bird villain for people who have.

Everything seems rather gentle considering the developer is Australian. I looked at the developer's twitter page and found a couple of interesting post:

"In Webbed the little spider can stack dung beetles using her laser eyes. This isn't a useful skill, but she can do it."

"So I was testing physics feedback on this big dumb bird, and um... look, spiders get to be jerks sometimes, okay?"

Also, please please please GOG try to get this game about a skateboarding bird (by a different developer but I saw it because the Webbed developer reposted it). I just added the 132 vote to the wishlist.
Post edited July 02, 2021 by joveian
A lot of people talking about how this game is finally using spider as protagonist forget there's Playstation 1 game called "Spider" that pretty much about experimented spider as the protagonist. Sure the game got a bit ridiculous when the spider can attack guns to replace its limb but it's actually pretty okay game.

But you bet I will get this game. Spiderbro forever
Finally, the Spider-Man game i've been craving!

Legit, the art direction is top-notch