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Prepare to witness a dramatic story of a simple worker that crash-landed on a distant planet.
Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Oookay, they definitely have my attention :D
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Same. Very much a teaser, but also a pretty intriguing situation. I want to know more.
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Moon the game, sort of?
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Time to rewatch Moon.
Looks very intriguing.
Doppelganger orgy!!!
Surely it's bad enough living as yourself, let alone with yourself...
Sex is overrated, cept w/ urself.((;--))
Swedrami: Moon the game, sort of?
More like "Twice - The Game"
( referencing to a character from "My Hero Academia" )
If I shoot one of my clones in his stupid faces is this a suicide?
This one looks interesting, but I have absolutely no idea what the gameplay is supposed to be like.
Nice. The premise brings to mind one of Ijon Tichy's adventures, penned by Stanislaw Lem.
viperfdl: If I shoot one of my clones in his stupid faces is this a suicide?
If it is a clone then it is not you.

Then again, if it is actually you all the time, confronted by yourself because the fabric of time has been tampered with, the thing changes. In one of Stanislav Lem's stories, this happens, and the poor astronaut had to suffer his own slightly older assholic and selfish self rattling him, although he later got a sort of revenge by rattling his slightly younger and naive self later ;)

In other words, sometimes suffering others is a pain, but if you got to suffer yourself, that might be almost unbearable, depending on the kind of fella that you are.
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Swedrami: Moon the game, sort of?
or Rimmer World or some of the questions implied in the game Soma.
I'm calling it now. From the extremely informative footage we've been given, it's clearly a barber shop/salon sim where your nightgown-wearing avatar has to come up with different styles for your clones so they can feel special.
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