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Get ready for an action-packed platformer in a high-bit pixel art style that combines the best elements of the golden 16-bit platformer era with new ideas! Super Catboy is coming soon to GOG.COM!

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I couldn't say no to the cat on the gamepage and it's on my wishlist. Captain Claw set the rules for life: cat + platforming = awesome game :-)
I'm supposed to play as a cat and against dogs? No way, no how.
Looks interesting
Cat games = instabuy.
I dunno if I agree with the idea of the cat being the good guy in this scenario, but damn if that isn't some quality 32-bit pixel art.
I'm torn on this one. On one hand, I'm not particularly good at platform games and tend to not enjoy them. On the other hand, cats.
I don't understand store pages like this where the devs can't be bothered to actually describe what the game is like. The off-putting begging gif takes up more space than the game's description, and all the description tells me about the gameplay is that it's an action platformer. If you want people to buy something, you should probably put effort into selling it.

Also wondering if there will be legal trouble with the name, that is way too similar to Super Meat Boy.
Seriously developer? You can't put a trailer in?

The running pose is really weird. Y'all can make the cat run like actual cat (with 4 legs on the ground) or run like human (with arm swinging and body leaning forward) but noooooooooo, you guys made him run like he's trying to run but also trying to avoid someone who carried a bowl of hot water.

The gameplay look good tho.
I love dogs and I find this offensive. JK. Call me when there is a super Dogboy, though.
Snowslinger: I love dogs and I find this offensive. JK. Call me when there is a super Dogboy, though.
My take is a bit more specific:
I love dogs and I find this offensive. TJ unlimited. Call me when there is a super Dogboy (black/white siberian husky), though.
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Had to go to steam page just to see some gameplay. Very inconvenient. Wishlisted, though.
"Super Catboy is not your average tomcat!"

Got that right, he's probably been neutered by the look on his face in all the screenshots. Quick trivia, the animated gif was the look on his face right before they told him about the surgery...

Don't do this, Purr-ease!
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There's a demo on the Steam page for the game, that's the reason we probably don't have a trailer for it, yet, as the demo is still an alpha and likely not representative of how the game will end up looking (I still remember the 2007 demo for Owlboy and how different it ended up being from the actual game, despite character sprites already being pretty much final). That's also the probable reason why there's no trailer yet: all the "gameplay" videos are 10-ish Youtube videos of people going through the demo (some of them quite poorly, I might add...).

Having transferred and played said demo, the early stages of the game already look extremely promising. The pixel art is gorgeous and the gameplay is tight, nothing too fancy, just your good old 2D action platformer, very reminiscing of the SNK Metal Slug titles. My only gripe with the demo is that I don't have a gamepad and the keyboard controls are not rebindable and the default mapping kind of sucks. Then again, that's just an alpha demo, hopefully they'll let us remap keys when the actual game fully releases. Wishlisted and added to the notifications here on GOG, for sure.