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Let me pray among the stars.

<span class="bold">Sunless Skies</span>, a story-driven experience that refines and expands the Sunless Sea formula, is coming soon, DRM-free on!

London has fallen; uncaring gods and maddening horrors now rule the deep waters. But what about the skies? The British Empress is looking to explore the "blistering, wonderful night" and gain a foothold among the dying stars. You're one of those daredevils desperate enough to try and make a living out of this damned venture.

The <span class="bold">Kickstarter campaign</span> for <span class="bold">Sunless Skies</span> is now live - go check it out and consider boarding!
Or dive into the Victorian Gothic universe with <span class="bold">Sunless Sea</span>, 66% off until February 10, 4:00 PM UTC. The time is perfect, as it recently received two free pieces of DLC: The Pirate Poet and The Cladery Heir.
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Space + Sunless Sea = Awesome!

I'll probably get this on day one. :)
reative00: You'll probably be able to help them by buying game in Early Access - just like with Sunless Sea.
I certainly will if I'm able. Sunless Sea is a fundamentally badly designed game, but the awesome more than makes up for it. In no particular order:
- Nuncio
- Fulgent impeller
- Frostfound
- the Neathbow
- secret ending
- Zubmariner campaign
reative00: You'll probably be able to help them by buying game in Early Access - just like with Sunless Sea.
Yeah, but then it is the question if failbetter also does EA here on GoG, or if i need to go with steam.
Also theres the question if you get all those nice little backer items.

Of course , some years later the items could be show up like it did now with sunless sea, but i really would like to have everything from the start.

So, backing via paypal would be really great.
Many other Kickstarter developers are doing this too.
Thank you Failbetter Games for the heavy discount for Sunless Sea :)
I've waited a long time to get that one from my wishlist. Maybe that could have happened earlier if there was a demo for Sunless Sea.....
Absolutely love (yes after so long) Sunless Sea, and supporting their next project is a no-brainer for me. I'll have to make sure I get my name in this game's credits too before the crowdfunding is up :p
Waaahh the mechanics and design of Sunless Sea were flawed because I couldn't adapt... waaaahhh!
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And it's already funded.
I didn't think the first one did well enough for the to make another.

I loved Fallen London, but I played the free weekend of Sunless Sea over on Steam and thought it was pretty meh.

Still, they get bonus points for releasing on GOG, so:

Yay, you guys!
Love Sunless Sea. Definite mostbuy for when Sunless Skies comes to gog.
I saw their Kickstarter... will be looking for this one in 2018!
never played any of these, so I will look forward to seeing what this is like when it arrives on gog.
Faithful: never played any of these, so I will look forward to seeing what this is like when it arrives on gog.
If you're even remotely interested / it looks like something you'd be interested in Sunless Sea is pretty cheap right now (~$6?). Well worth it - very different sort of game but a lot of fun to explore.

I think it's one of maybe three games I've bought Day One here - I learned about it shortly before release and spent a long month or so itching to play it LOL - didn't disappoint. But again, make sure you "know what it is" to ensure it's your cup of tea. Though guessing by the fact that you posted in this thread it might be!
Think I might be the only one who actually liked Sunless Sea better than Fallen London. Though both are quite solid in their own right.

However, due to Zubmariner, I think I will hold off till it becomes clear if there will be DLC for Sunless Skies. Cant speak for anyone else, but life is too short and backlogs are way too deep to play something a second time just for DLC/expansions.
I really wanted to like Sunless Sea, but its fascinating atmosphere was continually tripping over the hardmode resource management and foreboding sense that there's not enough fuel to make it to the next port. Hopefully they will include an actual difficulty system in the sequel, and in the meantime I'm going to hold off on this one until release.
It's kinda sad that GoG didn't accept "A House of Many Doors" - game in similar setting as Sunless Sea/Sunless Skies, FUNDED by Failbetter (developer of Sunless Sea). GoG management in picking new releases still kinda amaze and disappoint me. :(