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Prepare for a dive into the retro-styled visual wonderland with a psychedelic color explosion by award-winning Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs. Spinch is coming soon DRM-free on GOG.COM! Become Spinch, a hyper-agile organism consumed by the quest to rescue a litter of its missing offspring, in this side-scrolling, hypnotic platformer.
high rated
Yellow Submarine: The Game?
I saw a news article about this game a little while ago. It looks really cool, I'm glad it's coming to GOG.
I'm a bit conflicted. I think I will like the gameplay, but I really prefer my games with less LSD. The music is another point against it for me. I guess I'd play on mute if I couldn't simply lower the music.

I will probably grab it on a deep sale several years down the road. Maybe earlier if reviews say it is THAT good.
ok, spinch, but what about spinach?
I know the two games share not much in common but this game reminds me of another game called Pushover. Something about the color palette used, the colors really seem similar. Also Pushover felt a little bit trippy.
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park_84: Yellow Submarine: The Game?
The psychedelic graphics seem to be inspired by that and/or this :
This looks like it was made on drugs. A lot of drugs.
A speed platformer with a color palette on speed. :P Looks cool. Not sure if I can handle it though. Wish-listed for now.
A game where you play a a white guy and the coloured invaders are the bad guys?