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Surrender your future.

<span class="bold">RUINER</span>, a cyberpunk action shooter with a striking aesthetic and lightning-fast combat, is coming soon, DRM-free, to

Are you good at taking orders? How about dodging bullets coming straight out of some psychopath's firearm? There's a bleak future ahead of you then: just put on your unusually expressive helmet, grab any weapon you can find, and make your way through the violent streets of Rengkok, a cesspool run by corrupt authorities and bloodthirsty thugs. Don't question your mission - the mysterious voice in your head always knows best.

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Post edited June 27, 2017 by maladr0Id
Aw Yiissss,
Eofu: That actually look like it will be a good game, plus it's Linux released!
I'm actually reminded of Syndicate Wars.
Klumpen0815: Yay, Linux!

BTW: Am I the only one that was reminded of "Hatred"?
It's a twin stick shooter. Hatred reminded me of Postal. Nation Red is another decent twin stick shooter more focused on wave survival. I like Twin Stick shooters.
I first saw the trailer for Ruiner as part of Devolver Digital's great mockingly satirical E3 2017 "Press Conference" and was instantly in love with it (the trailer seems to be the exact same one that GOG uses on Ruiner's game page, if you're -- somehow -- not interested in watching the "press conference" until the part where it comes up). I've been a huge fan of Devolver's and the games they tend to publish, and though I don't necessarily like every single one of them, I've learned that going by watching trailers and screenshots alone I can get a pretty good sense of if I'll like the games, or not. And once you know you'll probably like a Devolver-published game, boy, you're absolutely going to *LOVE* it!

I'm pretty sure I can trust these guys, they haven't let me down once, yet (again: there are some games they published that I'm not that interested in, mostly because they're in a genre I don't enjoy), so, I'll be getting Ruiner as soon as it releases -- or even *GASP!* as soon as it's up for pre-ordering, if they decide to follow that practice (yes, I've pre-ordered Devolver games before. No regret whatsoever, so far). Good thing that Devolver seems to be in good terms with GOG -- albeit not having all of their catalog for sale over here --, so I can get to buy the games by a publisher I like and respect at my video game digital store of choice. Keep it up, GOG and Devolver! Right on!

Oh, and... I've seen a few people saying they get a Syndicate/Syndicate Wars vibe from Ruiner. Guys, I can see where you're coming from, but I hope you're aware Ruiner will probably play nothing like the Syndicate games. This seems to be more of a slightly slow-paced/story-focused Hotline Miami experience in a cyberpunk universe, if I'm getting the right impression (which, you know, as a flawed human being, I might not be getting at all). So, in the end, you guys might be right, I might be right or we could all be equally right and wrong in equal measures, the game being something entirely different from what we are envisioning right now. Either way, I trust Devolver to publish highly interesting top-notch quality products, and I'm willing to place my trust on them for this game.

Happy gaming, everyone!
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I'm eager to see this game coming out, They said "During the summer" ... Hey It's shiny out there and too hot , it's already Summer.

It's will be cool, if we have a release date (instead a "Soon") or better a release of the game ^^