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Necrobarista is coming soon, DRM-free.

A climatic visual novel from Route 59 will put you in a nostalgic mood before the end of 2019. Necrobarista is a story about a coffee shop in Melbourne, where gangsters, hipsters, and necromancers meet on common ground and spend their time. From the looks of things we are in for one hell of game, resembling classics like “Persona” and “Firewatch”.
I'm not really into visual novels, but this has piqued my interest. The graphics are beautiful, love cel-shading :)

Hope it's a good game. Wishlisted :D
Post edited November 13, 2019 by di0nizus
still not sure what a hipster is, dont drink coffee, dont really care bout melbourne or visual novels, BUT this looks pretty dope :)
Cool! Been looking forward to this since it got announced, what a welcome surprise that it's releasing here!
Post edited November 14, 2019 by personthingy
ohhh THAT Melbourne, take out the necromancers and it would be just like real life.