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Prepare yourself to escape the depths of an otherworldly labyrinth in a cinematic puzzle platformer. INMOST is coming soon DRM-free on GOG.COM. Explore a hauntingly beautiful world, with three playable characters - a young girl, a stoic knight, and a man searching for answers - in one dark, interconnected story.
foxgog: By the way, am I the only one who is reminded of the old "Heart of Darkness" game by this game's creature design and animation?
A little, but I'm not sure if it was the main influence. The first game that comes to my mind when looking at the creature design and colour palette is Hollow Knight. The "pixel part" of the graphics reminds me of old Titus soft platformers - Super Cauldron in particular.
I've finished the demo on Steam, it will be a great game if it keeps the excelent level desing of the demo throughout game.

kmanitou: This gives me a dark Momodora vibe, very interesting.
The gameplay is not at all similar, it's more than a Another World or other platform/puzzle game (Flashback, Abe's Oddyssey, Heart of darkness, etc, etc, etc). Momodora is a metrodivania more focused on your skill with the gamepad than on solving puzzles.

The only downside is that it's a bit easy to solve the puzzles (at least on the demo), but it makes up for it by knowing how to maintain interest at all times. You always want to go a little further. I've enjoyed it a lot.
I'm looking forward to this game very much, and learning that it will also appear at Gog, it is so great!
Well, I have finished the demo with drm-free of the game in my laptop and using the keyboard as a controller... anyway, the experience has been very good, I have died a few times and I think I left behind some treasure or chest with some important item (I think). I simply loved it, so I'm waiting for the official launch at I have a ''but'' and I would love that the final version has the option to lower or raise the camera of the game in those cases where jumping from a structure does not allow you to see beyond your feet. I recommend it, thumb up! Here I leave a gameplay of videogame (very simple) of the demo in ... Youtube.
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Just finished the Steam demo.

Hmm it was interesting. I love the way it looks. Controls are pretty good. It did take me a few to understand what I was doing though and how to control the character. Story I'm still confused about as to what is actually going on.

I'll sure check out the full version though.
I also played demo on Steam. And I have mixed feelings, to be honest. The path to follow seems to be very narrow, no open choices/locations, I usually avoid this kind of gameplay. Not sure about this one.
The game is also poorly optimised or just works slow under Proton/Linux (no native Linux installer available).
UCrest: ...
ciemnogrodzianin: Sure! It's enough to look at the pixel-art and animations. 3 hours of such gameplay is worth more than a few dozens of hours in some procedurally generated roguelike. However it should be reflected in pricing, I suppose...
I hope that Chucklefish paid their artists this time.
Any info about exact Release date? :)
SvitlaSveta4: Any info about exact Release date? :)
I also want to know how long need to wait until game will be released?..