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Test your urban planning skills and build an ancient city close to the River Nile.

Builders of Egypt from Strategy Lab is coming soon DRM-free on GOG.COM. This strategic simulation game will enable you to become a city governor and the Pharaoh's loyal subject.
This does look rather interesting. Nice soundtrack as well! Added it to my wishlist so I can keep an eye on it.
This game really does look fantastic. Hopefully we will see this one released soon enough.
Looks like a brand new Children of the Nile i have been recently been playing it again.
Had it wishlisted on steam for over a year. Great to see this game here! :)
Looks beautiful, engaging and full of life. Definitely caught my attention.
Build on Unreal Engine, if trailer serves me right? Interesting choice for a city builder and congrats for your choice!
As someone who found Children of the Nile immensely enjoyable, I will be waiting for the title.
Would have preferred a Linux port.
Kogoro: Looks like a brand new Children of the Nile i have been recently been playing it again.
That's what it looks like to me too: a (hopefully) improved CoTN, although that is hard to do. Children also had mod scenarios you could add. I hope this loses me in it's world for hours also!
Wow, it's being released on GoG. Looking forward to it. Really getting strong Pharaoh vibes. This is a missed oportunity of the holders of the Pharaoh IP. It still holds up really well today, but I've been waiting for a second game with (not better) but newer graphics.
From steam post, it will be "released" as an early access title before the end of the year. To quote a dev on the forum, "early access, which will include 4 campaign missions and sandbox mode." From reading the forum, it sounds like a one-man dev team, or very small.
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