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If you like classic adventure games and want to witness a comedic take on a cyberpunk genre, then this is a title for you. Born Punk from Insert Disk 22 is coming soon on GOG.COM. Set on Bornholm A.D. 2155, the game tells a story of the three main characters - a former combat hacker, a corporate CEO, and a gangsta-rapping android - possessed by mysterious, otherworldly entities.
sparrowtm: "I'd rather play a game if it was called Porn Bunk, but that's just me."

That's the sequel.
NOW you got my undivided attention!

Can you tell us what the base pricetag for this game is going to be?
If nothing changes substantially, the price tag should be US$14.99. And by substantially, I mean if other games similar to ours, on average, either increase or decrease in price.
sparrowtm: Heya! Developer of Born Punk here.
Hi! Is the Linux version coming out on GOG too? Steam has it. The announcement image only lists Windows.

UPDATE: Ah, I see Linux is listed on the game page. Probably another mix up by GOG.
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high rated
There'll be Windows/Linux/Mac releases, yes. :)
Thanks for posting on here and replying to comments. I have been following the game for awhile and was pleased to see it added in the coming soon section here. I'm hoping soon means by Q2, but of course, I have lots to play and don't mind waiitng. Also, Beyond a Steel Sky should be releasing soon as well so you might want to avoid releasing too close so you don't get overlooked.

Looking forward to playing it!
Thanks for the kind words! It'll be a while still; and I'm not willing to commit commercial suicide by releasing alongside BaSS or CP2077, no worries.
So finally a Cyberpunk game taking place in my country :D And on Bornholm of all places :D

Well this is gonna be interesting for sure :)
i have a fond spot in my heart for games like this, wishlisted
trusteft: I follow the development on Twitter and I have to say this looks like a very promising cyberpunk adventure game.
I am glad to see it coming here as I waited for that.
Let's see:
- doesn't bow before review key beggars
- improved a puzzle after tester feedback (while a certain other developer dumbed down puzzles when parasitic journos ordered him to)
- likes all the best recent "adventure" games (Disco Elysium, Darkside Detective, Gibbous)
- started playing vidya on PC
- has cats
- no pronouns in bio.

Sounds like an instabuy to me.
Disappointed after seeing the title that it's a cyberpunk game and not an actual punk game but it looks really good! On the Wishlist.