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The tale of loneliness and friendship unlike any other. Cold Hearts made by Outstar and Memoriesin8bit is a fresh new visual novel soon to be available on GOG.COM DRM-free. The protagonists of this story are… household appliances. See how refrigerators get to know each other better and even sort out a crime case.
Maxvorstadt: Hm, a game made by Outstarwalker and Memoriesin8bit? The visuals are clearly made by Outstar, she`s a talented artist. Hm, but the gamepage doesn`t mention any exploding Kerbals, so can this game really be made by Memoriesin8bit?
How do you think the Kerbals explode? 8bit programmed them to do it! Same as with this game. ;)

The fridges all have a built in button to explode when pushed. (no refund if you exploded the fridge)
Mr.Mumbles: Just be wary of romancing the garbage disposal. That could end very badly. =P
Try the washing machine romance however.
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yipee... so looking forward to grabbing this!
congrats to outstar and memories for finishing this project. not my kind of game but glad to see this here and ready to be released
Any news if this is still happening? Dev Twitter looks abandoned.
SixFootTurkey64: Any news if this is still happening? Dev Twitter looks abandoned.
I believe memoriesin8bit (one of the devs) is a gog twitch streamer. Probably that is the best way to find out.
Or you can contact him in twitter.

Or check his website here
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