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Get ready for a turn-based, tactical RPG adventure with a compelling storyline and strategic battles, puzzles, and quests. Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy is coming soon to GOG.COM!

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Looks interesting
Looks nice, although I already saw one feature in the video I tend to not like: in-battle treasure chests (that presumably disappear if you don't get to it during battle). Of course if it's like Fell Seal, where you can go back and replay the map to get the treasure chests, it's OK.
My kind of gameplay. I like the art style, but especially the large-scale battles ... you don't see that often in (modern) games like this.
It has a demo on steam, hope it comes here.
Nice!, and wish listed.

So that's what Sigourney Weaver is up to nowadays, manning an in-game item shop ?. Hmmm!.
As someone who love this kind of game, I hope it's as good (or better) as

Final Fantasy Tactics, or

Tactics Ogre, or


My first impression is I love the character design. Rare to see a goth looking girl being the knight. Usually knight girls depicted as either blond or red head.