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"Once again the Codex is the first on the scene... " -Brian Fargo
Do I understand correct? InExile develops a CRPG, a Car Role Playing Game? Sounds a bit... weird!
OMG i hope this turns into something real! Car Wars is the single greatest game of all time, and Autoduel never did it true justice despite being a good game for it's time.

It better be turn based though...
Must have made quite a lot of $$$ from W2 and confident things will keep going upwards. Wonder what this means for future projects going through KS ?.
(cant be the only one not interested in a car rpg.....seriously?!?!?)
Post edited October 23, 2015 by Niggles
Hard Truck Apocalypse games were fun, though a wee bit limited. It can turn out quite good if done right.
Wait Twisted Metal combined with RPG mechanics, maybe with a dash of the interstate games, ooohhhhh that makes me excited! Just hope it's not online only, MMO type games just don't appeal to me as much these days. Wonder how many battletech backers would be interested in it, although then again maybe it is more for the Twisted Metal, Carmageddon and Interstate players.
So I guess this means they will be able to kick out twice as many Kickstarters as before!