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Travel into the future and solve the mystery of your past. The newest giveaway during this Summer Sale is up for grabs, and it’s a true classic gem – Flashback. You can claim your copy of the game until 23rd June 2022, 1 PM UTC.

For more captivating titles from the past, visit our 90’s Collection. Also, take a look at the long-awaited sequel to our latest giveaway, Flashback 2, that is coming soon to GOG!
Nice! Thanks for yet another giveaway, of course, plus this one is more my cup of tea.


I've always been interested in giving Flashback a go ever since I first knew of its existence, which was when I learnt that aparently it served as an inspiration (gameplaywise at least) for the first two Oddworld games, which I'm quite fond of.
So now I get to finally be able to try it out! Thanks again.


Also, good to know that the "sequel" will be joining the ever expanding library of games, I also just kind of wish Fade to Black would too.
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Thanks GOG for another giveaway, even when I already own the game. Is this the sale with the most giveaways so far?
idbeholdME: And one more giveaway is coming on 24th? You're spoiling us.
Where do you get that information from?
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eiii: Where do you get that information from?
Thanks for Flashback, GOG and Microids.
eiii: Where do you get that information from?
Hehe, not in my browser. :P I guess you have to allow the 3rd party tracking to get that info.
Cadaver747: Thank you. Good to know that creating a Microids account and filling in the ticket for tech. support was not worth it.

Oh well, REminiscence it is. I noticed new release on GitHub and that the main website is gone. Curios.
I install REminiscence via package managers, but I believe the main site is
Thank you for the website. Previously it was the first result on Google search and I thought it was lost.

This must be a fork:

Latest version on is 0.4.9 | on GitHub it's 0.5.2 (May 23, 2021)
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You did it again. 5 gifts, 5 games i didn't own. Incredible.

Thank you very much, GOG (and Microids!)
Flashback 2 | Jungle Trailer

"Conrad is back! 30 years after Flashback, Paul Cuisset's mythical game, which made the licence known worldwide, is back with this new sci-fi action-adventure game! ​​Flashback 2 will be available on November 2023."

Flashback 2 | New Washington Trailer
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