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illiousintahl: Good they are failing their niche's expactations; no doubt their stocks will continue to plummet.
Precisely. Don't mourn the delicious local bread bakery that decided it wanted to expand its menu to every baked good, and changed their recipe for crappier mass-produced quality. (And sometimes put thumbtacks into the bread now too.)

Note: This isn't a comment on curation.
Post edited July 20, 2022 by mqstout
P-E-S: I don't pay the stock market much heed. A lot that is happening there isn't tied much to reality anyway. Just the usual investor shenanigans.
JakobFel: They seem to still be setting up their RED 2.0 strategy so it may be a little bit.
P-E-S: Yeah, no, that ain't happening anymore. CDPR already said they're switching to the Unreal Engine. They likely ran into too many headaches with their own dev software. *shrug*

It'll be interesting to see if anything new will bolted onto CP2077 like an expansion with hopefully another overhaul like they've done for their past games. Until then I'm just not interested enough in buying.
As far as I know, their RED 2.0 strategy wasn't centered around the REDengine, it was just their name for a new business strategy of parallel game development (which would be a LOT easier if they don't have to also make the game engine). The switch to Unreal will probably enable them to get their games out much faster.