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When I click on a game in my library, nothing happens.

Also when I click on extras or configure, nothing happens.

This is what is in the logfile for example:

2016-02-18 10:39:57:319 [galaxy_client][Information]: Starting ClientTask: FetchGameViewInformationTask
2016-02-18 10:39:59:171 [galaxy_client][Information]: ProductDetails fetched for game '1207658658'. Sending to frontend.
2016-02-18 10:39:59:858 [galaxy_client][Information]: FetchGameViewInformationTask completed with result 5
2016-02-18 10:39:59:859 [galaxy_client][Information]: ClientTask finished: FetchGameViewInformationTask
2016-02-18 10:39:59:862 [galaxy_client][Error]: Could not reload product info for Product ID: 1207658658

Do others also have this problem at the moment? How can I solve this?
Post edited February 19, 2016 by DanielRuf
Seems this was fixed when I uninstalled GOG Galaxy and deleted all files (around 700MB were left) and reinstalled it. Some problem in GOG Galaxy with big / many files?