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mrkgnao: Why don't you just copy the list as is from T4T's thread?
fronzelneekburm: I dunno, just copying people's names from last year's list just feels wrong. At the very least someone would have to ask each individual user if they're ok with being on the 2022 boycott list (and that someone is not going to be me).
Fair enough. That's not how I see it. I think the "2021" in T4T's thread title was just shortsightedness. I doubt that many people are managing their boycott based on the Gregorian calendar.
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timppu: I think that is a crime in most developed countries. Nice going buddy.

Overall, I think people who don't want to use the service should just leave. You are making yourselves look like idiots, that's all. Like some butthurt ex-boy/girlfriend who lost their mind after a breakup.

Giving (negative) feedback for issues on the service is one thing. Being an asshat is another. Then there is also a third thing but I am not going to tell you what it is, it is a secret.

EDIT: Maybe it would be just better if GOG closed the forum. Many other stores don't have a forum either, e.g. I don't recall Humble Bundle having one, not sure if Epic has either (at least through their client). The forum is just a free extra service that GOG is offering, they have no obligation to keep offering it.
Here, have a linden tea. Then, keep chasing your inexistant ghosts somewhere else --buddy--...
Well, lads, Imma be banned for 3 weeks now! See ya in Valhalla!
Locking the thread on OP's request.