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If you like indie games as much as we do, don't hesitate to join our cool contest for a chance to win 1 of 4 bundles with 6 titles such as Haven, Narita Boy and Noita!

To enter, simply tell us what is your favorite indie game and why.

The contest ends on July 28th, 3 PM UTC.
Cultist Simulator.
They manage to create such a dense atmosphere with just a few words and vague hinting at events, it's uncanny.
Plus, I found having to actually figure out the gameplay mechanics by myself without major handholding or tutorialising to be quite refreshing.
What Remains of Edith Finch is one of my favorite games. I played it just when i was going through a difficult time. I'ts one of those games that i'll never forget
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It's definitely not the best game of all time but, since no one will mention it, I'll say Osmos. I really liked it, simple concept, minimalistic audiovisuals and a very relaxing experience.
One of my favourite indie games is enter the gungeon.
For me, it is one of tjhe best exponents in roguelike games, with really good sense of humor, and a fair gaming formula.
Also amazing for couch co-op
My favorite indie game? Deep Sky Derelicts. I love sci-fi and this game scratched a deck building itch I didn't know I had!
Age of Fear 2: the Chaos Lord. Actually the whole franchise (4 games), but this is the one I started with.

Tactical turn-based combat, viewed to-down, combined with a Fantasy setting.The storyline is not the deepest, but the characters have strong personalities and the narrative is voiced, which was unexpected from a dev team this small. To me there's a mild Terry Pratchett feel to these games as well, which is always a positive.

The gameplay is very free and open, there are main missions, side-missions, and pure combat missions (for levelling up). There are random events as well.The focus of the game is the combat, even though it does have some RPG elements. So I see these games more as tactical combat games rather than RPGs.

The combat is really fun and so well done; you build your own squad or army, that changes over time as some of them will die and need to be replaced. You feel the loss when a high-level soldier dies, and you really need to learn each unit type's strengths. All units can be upgraded and specialized in a few different ways. You need to have a good mix, as you will face a wide range of enemy types.

Another cool thing is the interconnection between all the playable characters, for example playing as the Orc warrior you will come across the other playable characters in the series during your campaign, which I think is a really cool idea.It makes not only each game feel alive and grounded, but also the whole franchise, which I have come to see as "one unit" despite being separate games.They all take place in the same universe.

This game, and all in the franchise, really are a labour of love for the devs. It's a phrase that often gets thrown around, but in this case it is very much true. The devs will actually go back to their previous games and update them with stuff that was made for the later games. So every game in the franchise is continously improved and expanded upon with time. For example , they recently backported crafting to the older games in the series. To me that kind of commitment to their older games is really impressive, you don't see triple-A studios doing that, or most Indie games for that matter.

There are many other games I could have picked but it's the latter that really elevates this game and franchise above other Indie games for me. And it's really unfortunate these games are not on GOG (yet?).
If I were to choose one it would be fight n' Rage. Always have been a fan of beat 'em up, and it soon became one of my favorites of all time. Good music, beautiful graphics and hard as hell. I really love every second I spent on this game. Besides, it even came at an incredible price for my region.
My favorite indie game of all time.. has got to be
renowned explorers. It is what got my attention with indie games and since then, I buy a lot more indie games over AAA. Love them and the passion and work going into them.
Today I'll say Kero Blaster. It's a tried and true run and gun platformer, but made so well (presents a fair challenge). I enjoy its retro pixel style, its chiptune soundtrack, and I like it's story framing and the atmosphere it creates through its presentation. It was made by the author of Cave Story so none of what I mentioned is any surprise.
Bastion: His charming and beautiful art, the powerfull voice of the narrator, his combat is fun, the music is great.... Awesome game.
Dont Starve.
It was my first Survival type game and got me hooked from the start. Still play it to this day as its just amazing.
The Age of Decadence; now this is a true roleplaying game. For years I have been turned off by the mainstream style "your character is the ultimate best awesome-est barbarian sorcerer stealth rogue in all the land, a jack of all trades and a master of all". The Age of Decadence is the antithesis of that to the point that combat encounters which would be mundane in other games are like life-and-death in this game. I can't say enough good about this game. It enthralled me from the first time I played it.

Honorable mention: Kingdom Come: Deliverance...every indie game should strive for this sort of production value and scale, and for my standards it's better than Skyrim.
Virginia : A great narative game without any word
The Witness

The one of the best logic games I have ever played.
You woke up in the tunnel without defined purpose, then you walk up to table with puzzle, notice the rule and solve it.
Then you walk to other puzzle, use the old rule, learn the new one and again solve the puzzle.
And you cannot wait to walk another puzzle and again learn something.
There are many paths for you to choose to walk to many areas, each with unique ways of thinking.
The game tells you nothing, does not guide you, but shows the discreet hints.
You feel like you were a student and the game was a master and that the whole island is the trial of knowledge.
And then you notice that you found your purpose.
To complete this trial.
My favorite indie game is Kingdom Rush. I like the art style, the sound, the gameplay, that is getting harder and harder. Also, there are many unlockables etc.

Simplay great for a coffee-break. Or two. Or three :P
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