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So up until now, my shelf has always listed the games in order of purchase, with the most recent games in the top-left and the oldest at bottom-right. After completing a purchase I noticed one of my games appeared to be missing, but a quick CTRL+F showed it was near the bottom of the shelf.

I refreshed the page, but this just made things worse; not only did the game move further down the shelf, but other games started getting shuffled around as well. Four more refreshes, and each time my shelf is ordered differently, with some of my recently purchased games getting pushed to the bottom.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone know of a potential fix?
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Everyone. There are few other threads, though with obscure titles. Something about "musical chairs". About a week now.

GOG knows, GOG is trying.
Thank you. I tried a search of the forum for "shelf" but it didn't bring up that topic, I guess because the user didn't refer to his library as a shelf specifically.

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Not sure why the second topic didn't show up though, maybe I just didn't see it in the list.
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wonderfulillusion: Thank you. I tried a search of the forum for "shelf" but it didn't bring up that topic,
Well the only thing more glitched than the shelf is probably the search function here at GOG....