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I was trying to get support for this problem, but Gog support ticket failed after I had to chat with a bot for a long time. Maybe someone can help even though the service producer is not capable to do so.

Every time I start playing FTL in Gog Galaxy, I get annoying box in the upper left corner of the game window, which says that I should somehow stream the game to my friends. I don’t even have a friend in this service and I am not surely going to stream my game. I have turn off all the notifications and other options from the Gog Galaxy menu, but nothing helps. I am not sure if same problem is with other games since I am currently playing only FTL in Gog Galaxy.

I really don’t want to watch game blocking annoying message which I can’t turn off. Even if I put mouse to the X, it does not take the box away, pointer just vanishes. The box is there maybe for a minute or so. I would like not to have constant useless game interface blocking information in the beginning of my every gaming experience with Gog Galaxy.
This question / problem has been solved by InkPantherimage
That looks like a Discord thing.
InkPanther: That looks like a Discord thing.
Thanks InkPanther,

Now I was able to get rid of that annoyance.