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Awww Yissss another animu thread.

For me the best shows in 2016 were Gintama°, Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara, and the new JoJo
UnrealQuakie: Just finished one punch man and I have to say it was really good and one of the best shows I seen in a while with great art to boot.
^that, i rarely see people mentioning art and animation when talking about one punch man while it was really superb and smooth.
infinite9: Not sure if this was mentioned already but the second season of Konosuba is now on Crunchyroll. I saw it and enjoyed it. I also got hold of the Kindle version of the first issue of the comic and I will say the show did some things better but I wish they kept in how they met the lich.
Wooo, the second season is already airing?! I've just seen the trailer for it :o
I've just finished inu x boku and really, i was about to give it a low score as it was very schematic and simply borring but damn, those last 2 episodes.
VeTrack: There's an ongoing vote at NHK for Best Anime as part of Anime's 100th Anniversary and the interim results are... strange.

1. Tiger & Bunny
2. Cardcaptor Sakura
3. Osomatsu-san
Woaaah, i've dropped tigger & bunny after 2 episodes :v. Might have to give it another try