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Trailer :

Basically the 3rd Expansion to AoE2; and the 2nd Expansion created by the mod team taken in by M$ after the Forgotten Empires mod became successful in reviving interest in the game. That music is a remixing of the classical remixing of the Age 2 theme; and its greatly to see the game being quite alive despite the first game; AoE2:The Age of Kings being released 13-15 years ago. The latest patch for AoE2 HD; which will be required to play this is currently broken, so if they give us a pre-order option, DON'T take it until you have confirmation that the base game is fixed.

''COUGH''Still a damn shame its not on GOG :''COUGH''
It sure would be nice if the publisher would let go of their childish and antedeluvian worldview on copyright protection.
Indeed. The hardcore tournament community would be exhilarated to get just the 13 year old Conqurors Expansion version used for tournaments. Currently we have to rely on DVD copies that are rapidly being infested with more and more copy ''protection'' (my bro bought one and it works for him but crashes when I try to play it, DVD protection measure I think) for this decade+ old game; and pirated copies because the DVDs are becoming harder to find.
Poke, poke.

Come on, at least that music was great! And Malians have me excited that someone will finally challenge the economic powerhouse of the Mesoamerican civs and the Huns.
(I'll admit, I'm mostly being a nuisance.)
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