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Help shape a fascinating tale of danger, intrigue, and stubborn bubbles.

Previously on Adventure on Mystery Island
After an unfortunate plane crash and a rather fortunate encounter with the enigmatic Monolith of Multitude, you end up with sand in your shoes, a precious code for Rebel Galaxy in your pocket, and a healthy dose of curiosity in your gut.
The path towards the second Monolith goes through the foreboding Sidequest Castle, which turned out to be the home of a slightly unhinged but rather jolly dragon who loooooves role-playing. You unwittingly become her knight is shining prose and after your reluctant participation in a humiliating play, you escape towards the Bridge of DOOM. Naturally, your attempt to pole-vault over it goes awfully wrong but thanks to the miraculous intervention of a giant bird, you somehow end up on the other side of the bridge, right outside the Brainstorm Basin. Here, you are tasked with solving a devious riddle and the only way to do it is by thinking outside the bubble...

Catch up on <span class="bold">Chapter 1</span>, <span class="bold">Chapter 2</span>, <span class="bold">Chapter 3</span>, and <span class="bold">Chapter 4</span> of the story.

<h4>CHAPTER 5: The Cave of Countless Chats</h4>

You're soaking in the tub, toying with some soap bubbles and the idea of staying in the Basin instead of pressing on in search of the second Monolith when BAM! epiphany strikes: "Eureka"!
With little regard for decency, you jump out butt-naked, grab a piece of chalk and demand everyone's attention. Through trembling fingers, they watch you draw one big bubble on the blackboard, then three smaller ones inside - the rules never specified they had to be made of soap! You drop the chalk triumphantly and march to the exit as everyone in the room struggles to keep their mouths agape and their eyes firmly closed. Once outside, you hear several rulebooks hitting the water with an audible splash.

It's not long before you reach the entrance to The Cavern of Countless Chats - that's the second scariest place you've ever seen. Against your better judgement, an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia draws you in, but after hours of stumbling about, you're ready to admit it: you're lost. The caverns are labyrinthine and echoing with the voices of a thousand people. You hear things you were not supposed to, things that you wish you hadn't, and things that could get someone into trouble.
Three voices stand out, however: a Harmless Old Lady who only asks that you find her granddaughter's lost dollie and a couple arguing over who should do the dishes. Both promise to show you the exit, if you help them resolve their problems.

Now, will you choose to help the old lady RECOVER THE DOLLIE or SETTLE THE ARGUMENT between the fighting couple?

Help shape our story: make sure to cast your vote in our <span class="bold">Twitter</span> poll before Friday 1PM UTC. The winning choice will be implemented in Adventure on Mystery Island: Chapter 6, coming this Friday to a newspost near you!
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FInd the doll, I want to see the old woman turn into a witch.
Find the doll.
As a warrior knight named BRIAN THE FIST you realise that you have not been venturing alone but in fact your whole band of merry adventurers are also with you. As you try and make sense of the darkness and the 10 voices you look into your adventurers back pack to find a HORN OF SILENCE which you promptly hand over to EL CID.
EL CID blows the horn and does the following damage: -

Voice 1 - 99 damage silencing the voice
Voice 2 - 98 damage silencing the voice
Voice 3 - 5 damage giving the voice something to complain about
Voice 4 - 25 damage giving the voice a sore throat
Voice 5 - 12 damage giving the voice strep throat
Voice 6 - 36 damage giving the voice tonsillitis
Voice 7 - 48 damage giving the voice glandular fever
Voice 8 - 66 damage giving the voice epiglottitis
Voice 9 - 99 damage silencing the voice
Voice 10 - 13 damage giving the voice quinsy which in turn the voice spits back you and does the following damage

BRIAN THE FIST - 999 damage killing him
EL CID - 999 damage killing him
SAMSON - 999 damage killing him
MARKUS - 999 damage killing him
MERLIN - 999 damage killing him
OMAR - 999 damage killing him

Your adventure is OVER or is IT
Settle the argument, and after that recover the doll all together, because it can be lost anywhere !