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If there's a GOG bugs reporting thread where I should be posting this, I couldn't find it (and I have a feeling I saw one in the past). Also didn't see any topics that mentioned this.

I've noticed screenshots are not working in the activity feed. Namely, you can see your screenshots (or the whole 'share a thought/what's up' thing) in the activity but others can not. They can only see them when visiting your profile.

I'm talking about on-site activity feed. Galaxy feed was a mess from day1 and as far as I can see still is, so I never even check that.

Now when I think of it, I don't remember when was the last time I saw somebody's screenshot in the activity, this whole thing could be messed up for quite some time.

Smells like there have been some tinkering around 'under the hood' privacy settings again by GOG stuff and something has gone wrong. All my privacy settings are as loose as they can be, so it's definitely not something on my end.

Please fix this.
People still use that for screenshots?
Darvond: People still use that for screenshots?
They would like to at least. xD
I suspect this is a Galaxy related problem so here is a link to the Galaxy subforum: