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I'm REALLY hoping it will cover the KOTOR series.

Darth Revan...YES!

With the huge amount of lore provided by the KOTOR games, they could easily make an amazing trilogy.

Can you imagine seeing an army of Sith Warriors, Sith Assassins and Sith Lords waging war against thousands of Republic Soldiers on the big screen?

Imagine the audience reaction to Darth Revan's secret? and Kreia's hidden motives?

I'd bet big money that HK-47 would become a VERY popular character as well >:)

There is so much to love about the lore in the KOTOR series (which sadly, isn't considered canon) Revan nearly made his way into the Clone Wars series, so...heres hoping.
I'm cautiously optimistic. The Force Awakens was ok, I bought into the hype when it first came out, then on rewatching it found it was very "meh". Rogue One was amazing, though. Not a typical Disney ending for that movie, to be sure ;)
bigblueogre: Imagine the audience reaction to Darth Revan's secret? and Kreia's hidden motives?
And to the second movie being released unfinished, with an entire act and most of the ending missing?

Seriously though, they might do Old Republic ( though I wouldn't be too sure), but they will definately not adapt the games, or any other pre-existing material. Some of the lore might be used, that's probably the most we can hope for. Rebels already made Malachor canon, though with an altered backstory.
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They should do a plot based around the Reborn Jedi from Jedi Outcast.
After TFA and Rogue One, I have no expectations of them doing actually good movies in the franchise.
As long as it will be as good as this...
And as long as it has these epic light saber fights
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