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Didn't expect this:
Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed by Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos
A remix of the original Deus Ex OST by two of the original composers! \ o /
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Sunset Radio by Lucy in Disguise

Wave Break: High Tides (Game Soundtrack) by NewRetroWave

The Heartless by Rayne Reznor (Feat. Samtar)

A Thousand Lives by At 1980

Hellbound Majesty by Jonn Konstantine

Cyberpunks Not Dead by Ono-Sendai
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Synths United Against Hate by Synths United Against Hate
Future 80's Bundle vol.5 on groupees
OFF THE GRID: Deep Cuts And More Besides by OGRE
The Shadowlands by Future Fate
Mechanical Perfection by Glitch Black

PornCoreSynthRock 2 by Peter Zimmermann
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Synthetic Magic by Astrophysics

Extending Through Hell by Acryl Madness

Cybernerve (LP) by DEATHWIRE
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Jessie Frye - Kiss me in the rain
Arcade Nightdrive by Mark Dee

Wrath by Xetrovoid

Hyperviolence by Baddon
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Magnatron III by NewRetroWave
AURORIUM by Terra Genesis

Slave to the Passion (I & II) by Ultraboss
Years Later by Let Em Riot
I recently finished first drafts of another set of post-punk, new wave and synth pop focused spotify playlists, this time covering the 2000s.


"Hardboiled" (less pop, more experimental/challenging/abrasive/heavy) versions:
2000-2004 :

As before the procedure was to start with what I knew and learned from the previous ones, then check blogs, besteveralbums lists, youtube playlists and finally each year for mentions on this forum - it should be a pretty comprehensive selection (as far as bands with english vocals go anyway!) but I'll probably revisit it and add more later.

Let me know if I missed anything cool.
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