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Looking back at 2017 on

We made it! You made it! 2017 is almost over – and whatever your take on the world at large, only one thing can truly be said for certain: it's been a great year for all of us here at – thank you for being a part of it!

Let's take a brief look back at the year 2017...

Over 2000 DRM-free games
Our catalog passed two thousand titles in 2017 – but if you know us, you know it's not just about the numbers. These are over two thousand unique experiences that we truly believe are worth playing!

Did somebody say good old games? Well, we brought back quite a few of them this year – the really tough ones and the ones we really missed – restored by our talented teams and friends across the net. There is the Jazz Jackrabbit series – CliffyB's gaming debut; SWAT 4 – happily no longer among PC Gamer's "15 great games you can't buy digitally"; The Suffering series – with scary monsters by Stan Winston Studios; the delicious Pizza Tycoon series; many long-lost classics Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, Rise of the Dragon, Heart of China; [url=]Titanic: Adventure out of Time… and more!

But the good and old is only half the story. 2017 was an amazing year for gaming, with award winning and groundbreaking productions releasing DRM-free on If the indie revolution is behind us, then this is the renaissance!

2017 gave us Divinity: Original Sin 2 – PC Gamer's Game of the Year and this year's most popular game on! Followed by Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice – Best Audio Design, Impact, and Best Performance at The Game Awards; the niche but loveable Piranha Bytes RPG; [url=]Cuphead – winning Best Art Direction and Best Independent Game at The Game Awards; and so many others!

All in all, in 2017 alone we released nearly one quarter of our entire catalog – and it's an honor to work this closely with so many talented game developers and great publishers.

GOG Galaxy out of beta
In 2017 the GOG Galaxy client left behind its BETA tag – with a few great new features to boot! We added Universal Cloud Saves, technology which allows us to introduce Cloud Save support to classics and new games on (now nearly 300 and counting). Plus an in-game overlay, a built-in FPS counter and screenshot tool, as well as an array of expanded settings allowing you to customize the client to your needs. Anyway, that's how we earned our sense of pride and accomplishment.

We are legion
We saved the best for last – and that's you lot. As we grow in size, the GOG word spreads farther and farther out! Tens of thousands of you have joined us this year across social media and our very own channel. That's over <span class="bold">240,000 following our Twitter shenanigans</span>, more than <span class="bold">340,000 of you with us on Facebook</span>.

<span class="bold">As for</span>, we can't thank our dedicated Stream Team enough for sharing our love for games seven days a week. In 2017 we reached 50k followers – oh, it just went up to 51k – and there have been over 214600 individuals watching us so far. If you combine all our 2017 streams, we streamed for 169 days and 15 hours (that's about 45% of the year!) and if you combine all the time people spent watching our channel in 2017, you get 38 years and 272 days!

Thank you so much for being with us in 2017 – we hope your 2018 is amazing, and we can't wait to show you what's in store for this year!
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Thanks GOG for the great games. Happy holydays to everyone!
avatar Thank you so much for being with us in 2017 – we hope your 2018 is amazing, and we can't wait to show you what's in store for this year!
It was a year of good releases and even good selling prices at times, but I, for one, wish you would show us what's in store more often. I'm not referring to new games as such, as they often appear in the Upcoming tab, but to those older ones you are working so hard to release here. How many times have I read on the forums that people had just recently bought a game on another platform because they weren't aware it was on its way to gog. Springing a nice surprise is one thing - making your customers' lives easier and gaining extra sales on your platform for yourself is another.

Perhaps you are loathe to announce that something will be coming if negotiations are still underway, because if they fail there will always be people who claim "But you proooomiiiised, waaaahhhh!!!!!!!", but rather just state that it will happen if you can conclude the negotiations successfully and all your mature users will be fully understanding and already pleasantly surprised that you are working on getting our most desired games here. Then we can also budget for the games' arrival and you can have a lot more day one sales.

Anyway, may gog improve further in 2018 - have a happy new year.
apehater: yeah great, reeaaaly great!!!!!!!!!

apehater: like getting this galaxy bullshit in our installers
Strangely, I can still download installers without Galaxy in it. More than that, some old games didn't have installer with Galaxy at all, only without it.
Happy New Year from a new paying customer you got in 2017 that's not in any of the stats in this news because who cares about you when you don't do Facebook! (mostly kidding, still love you) But...

MarkoH01: 3) More and more games have problems with not receiving updates on GOG ONLY - please do something to better this situation. Maybe add a refund option for those games or other things that would lead to devs updating their games as regular as they do it on Steam.
...this. So much this. I like the GOG service, and I really want to buy games on GOG, but then we have stuff like KOTOR 2 and Empire at War that get updates exclusively on Steam where the larger userbase is. And so I feel safer buying most new games on Steam, especially when they appear to still need more work (sorry, GOG, but I can't find any evidence that the patch for Battle Chef Brigade ever got to you (maybe display version/history on the store page?) and a review on the game's page even mentions daily cook-off leaderboards not working, so you can guess where my money went). One of the most popular GOGmixes is for games that don't play nice with GOG. Problems of breaking into an already established market, I guess, but sadly even with the DRM I just feel safer buying new games on Steam, because that's a playerbase devs can't afford to be known to neglect.

But the stuff that made you your name, the Good Old Games, those that your own team supports because who can even find the devs anymore? Those I'll buy here. No question. So I wish you all the best, and especially to keep growing those user numbers so that one day I'd feel comfortable enough to fully join them.
Now how about fixing all the issues with WH40K Chaos Gate for Windows 10?
2017, the year you passed on Opus Magnum! Well, you have a few days to fix it but it doesn't look likely.
What happened to the number of votes in game pages?
low rated
Oathed: Now how about fixing all the issues with WH40K Chaos Gate for Windows 10?
haha fixing games, thats a good one
I wish you a Merry Christmas; I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! =)
Just simply, thank you GOG!
Indeed a good year. Lots of great games added to my library, a shame there aren't enough hours in the day.
Sprinkle 2018 with Starsector, Rimworld, Command and Conquer collection, and those 3 alone will make 2018 a good year too.
I absolutely love GOG. Long time customer

If I had a few wishes this coming year it would be to see a stronger push to get more classic games and I want to see some of my favorites to GOG:

The remaining Star Trek games, including:
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
Star Trek Elite Force II
Klingon Honor Guard
Star Trek Armada I and II

Stupid Invaders
Blade Runner
Darkseed II
Complete Infocom Library

And I doubt it will happen but would love to see someone develop a new Zork game in the spirit of Grand Inquisitor.
Thank you for the amazing service and have a great next year both you guys at GOG and the community!
The DRM free games have shifted my purchasing habit from other platforms to Gog.
avatar We are legion
OK, nice to see those numbers for twitter, facebook, and twitch, but for those of us not on social media, I'm curious how many total GOG members (user accounts) there are, and the increase in 2017.

Thanks, GOG, for keeping classic PC games alive.