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Hey guys.

As I see it, those games are pretty heavy storywise. My question is, should i play them in the right order (1 first, then 2, you get the idea...), or can I start anywhere in the series. If I say start with part 2, would I miss some essential background information? My problem is, i watched a LP of the first part on YouTube, I really enjoyed the game, but didn't pay much attention to the story. Now I don't wanna play through all the stuff I watched already, and start a playthrough by myself in any other part of the series.
Besides that, which game do you think is the best in the series. Is the last part more enjoyable (controls, mechanics) then the first part?

Thanks in advance :)
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There is no obligation to follow the order. I mean, the main background is pretty much given in each game, and they take place in different times and places so you won't meet old people from a previous game you are supposed to know.

And things that happened in previous games are "history", not much details. So, well, go ahead and pick one.

The engine of 4 and 5 is "better". Well. A little newer, prettier, easier to play. The 4 has a lot of desserved love, the 5 too (not played this one yet, so I won't say anything personnal).

The 1, 2 and 3 are a little older in their look and UI. I liked the 1 very much, it places the set, everything is new and strange. The 2 is the most "open ended", if you want C&C, you'll have some. Not a fan of the 3rd. even if the story is nice it's more linear...

But overall, they are good games, and on the Spiderweb forums, each one has its fans... :)

I'd say go for the 4. The new engine makes it easier to get into and it's one of the best. Or start with the 1st for a complete run if you feel brave enough :).
While no assumptions are made about if you played the earlier games, they do build on the previous in both story and mechanics. If you want to play all then go in order and skip, if you wish, the Geneforge game you already watched someone else play.

If you don't care about playing the whole series, then go directly to Geneforge 4 then Geneforge 5 as they are regarded as the best in the series.

I've finished Geneforge 1 & 2 and am currently playing 3. I will say that Geneforge 2 was brutal for me with an OK but not great ending.
Ok, thank you guys, you were very helpful. I don't think I have time to play all of them (5 RPG's in a row, thats massive!), so I think I will go directly to 4.
Thanks again, problem solved. Have a nice day :)