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I have been playing the demo of Geneforge 1 for a while and just recently acquired the full version from GoG so I'm wondering, is there a way to load my progress from the demo into the full version, or do you have to start over?
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I would think you could just move the demo saves into the appropriate folder when you install the full game. I'm not sure where Geneforge 1 saves are stored, but it should be pretty easy to track down. They are usually either in the folder you installed the game to, or somewhere in your documents and settings folder. A search on the Spiderweb Software forums should get you the exact location.

I suspect you could also just uninstall the demo and then instal the full game in the same folder, but that MIGHT erase the saves. Probably better to just track them down and make a copy.

I should add that I'm assuming you played the demo on Windows. I think only very recent Spiderweb games have had cross-platform saves.
The saves are located in your " My Documents " folder in the Geneforge Saves, look for the Geneforge game save folder of the game you are playing.
I had to use the search function on my computer to find the demo saves (i'm using windows by the way) but once I copied them into the save folder it worked perfectly. For some reason the folder didn't show up in the program files menu .