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Ive played these games for a while now and have yet to complete any of them as they are too frustrating and hard. Having just purchased this series, someone said i should start from gene forge 4 as the interface and everything else is easier to understand.

I want to play the game as a warrior but in the past i can never get through the game as the warrior classes can't solo any of the games. Im not really into creations as i like playing solo. I tried the agent before but with her, she is too easy. Just daze and kill everything without a sweat.

Is there something i am doing wrong tactically? My stats that i use to raise are:

Strength, quick action, parry to a reasonable amount but not too much, melee weapons, endurance usually to 9 or 10 and when i raid a group of monsters i use war blessing and protection. I read up on the spiderweb forums that there are some new spells that might be worth looking into. The spell i think that i would like to use to better help my survivability is regeneration aura as that might help my defense.

Can anyone offer any advice as to soloing the games with that build? It seems that the spiderweb forum people all say that you can solo the game that way, but others say you should use creations. Is there any way of increasing the amount of actions in this game other than haste which i heard got nerved.

So should i focus on healing skill so i can use regeneration right before a big fight?
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I just started playing, and so far I haven't had to much trouble. I'm using a Shaper though.